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About me!

I am a person doing normal person things on a daily basis. Mhm. Things like school and arson, neither of which have anything to do with one another. Nothing at all.

Just a normal person here. Yep.

Currently in a qpr with Mo and Will <333333333333333


I put full names first, nicknames second and in parenthesis.

Feel free to give me new nicknames (if they're appropriate), if you like! (If you‘re unsure about it, feel free to ask!)

  • Josephin (Josi)

  • Timothy (Tim)

  • Wilbur (Wilby)

  • Orisha (Ori)

  • Kasper (Kas)


I use all pronouns (including neos!)


I'll be putting flags here, with links to sites where you can read about them. Gender is a work in progress right now, so no flag for that lol.


This is the Aegosexual flag! Aegosexual can sometimes also be referred to as Autochorissexual.


Oops, sorry 'bout this, but I'm still working on this section and not quite ready to share.

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